Home Of Abundance Network Group is a well packaged online platform that empowers it's members financially by providing them access to constant flowing source of income. It is Cerebrally conceived by vouched management whose vision is to create partners in prosperity. It is a community of like-minded men and women who share a common vision of helping one another and seeing to the general welfare of the members
Home of Abundance Network Group is under the seal, also a subsidiary of HOME OF ABUNDANCE GLOBAL NETWORK duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC No 2620294 which guarantees 100% safety of our investor’s fund
August 2017 with the Name Abundant Team
Yes, we have offices in different state duly represented by our ambassadors at every center
The registration fee is a onetime payment of ₦5,000, minimal risk, no panicking, no December break
Anyone can join Home Of Abundance Network Group, either you are good at referring or not. This platform is for both Networkers and Non-networkers
After making payment into the bank account on the website, get a link from the person who introduced you to the NETWORK to sign up or visit https://homeofabundance.biz/userpanel/signup.php)
The answer is YES for every networker that pay only one time activation fee of #5,000, and the individual is expected to invite minimum of 3 persons who will also be expected to invite 3 persons each. But your earning begins with the first person that you register by yourself or that falls under you by auto spillover through the activities of your uplines. While for Non-networkers, the answer is NO, you can choose to refer and you can choose not to,itwon’t stop you from earning your returns.
Not anymore in these days that we have our families, loved ones and friends on social media platforms, just keep posting HOME OF ABUNDANCE NETWORK GROUP testimonies with your phone number and your customized referral link on social media daily and see the numbers of people who will contact you or better still u can make money from distributing referral links or better still, you can register under the HOME OF ABUNDANCE NETWORK GROUP "1Link" system using https://homeofabundance.biz/register you will automatically be assigned to the “1 LINK” system and benefit from the massive spillovers of referrals from the website Or better still join an active team on the website.
The excess will go under your downlines who have not brought anyone or who have not brought up to 3 people
We accept physical cash deposits into our bank accounts or transfers.
Yes, it is a must! You will need to upload your proof of payment at the point of activation by sending to 07034247860. Otherwise your transaction is not complete and you won’t be confirmed/activated.
Yes, you may, but we strongly recommend this only if you have the capacity to manage them. Stacking is seriously frown at. Stacking means registering youself, your siblings under yourself. So, there are punishment if you are caught stacking. HOME OF ABUNDANCE NETWORK GROUP reserves the right to move your accounts further down the matrix and strictly banned or block your accounts or pay a fine!. Also, you may not need to open multiple accounts as there are much money to earn from one account.
Yes, it is a must! You will need to upload your proof of payment at the point of registration. Otherwise your transaction is not complete and you won’t be activated.
By clicking the upgrade button whenever you have accumulated the amount that is require for the upgrade in your upgrade purse.
Well a pyramid scheme means that only the top members of the hierarchy get paid whereas HOME OF ABUNDANCE NETWORK GROUP allows every member to the same amount by doing the same amount of work. You can receive more contributions than the person who signed you up, that fact makes HOME OF ABUNDANCE NETWORK GROUP a fair system.
No, you are paid instantly on any down line that joins you on any stage.
No, here, there is no break away. Your down line follows you all through your life time in this business. However, an active down line can overtake a lazy upline.
You can make withdrawal directly into your local bank account you submitted on the website during your registration by using the withdraw button on your dashboard. Withdraw button is always active every 2ndand 4th Friday of every month. Minimum withdraw is #2,000
There is no monthly membership fee or autoship,
You will be registered into those other income generating programs as soon as you complete the level for each program.
Yes, you buy more than one investment package, depending on your financial capacity.