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How It Works

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How This System Works

Everyone can REGISTER as either:

  1. A Buyer is a participant that only comes to patronize the system only to buy without making any profit from the system. Registration is free for all these individuals.
  2. An E-commerce member, this service cost ₦2,000 activation fee. You can only earn in the GLOBAL MARKET when you sell or buy from the system and participate in our other optional program on the system. You earn both in PV and in cash. You have access to earn from the unlimitedly on the ecommerce system matrix till 4th generation and unlimited referral

Immediately your payment of ₦2,000 is confirmed. KYC (Know Your Customer) is done. When your KYC is successful then the e-commerce dashboard is display in full, to either shop (purchase) or sells on our system and earns unlimited bonuses and PV on every successful transaction made by you.

Steps To Buy or Sell


    Step 1. Select Interested Product
    Step 2. Chat the seller to make further enquiry about the product
    • It is your responsibility as buyer to understand the seller terms and conditions and follow them exactly. If you do not follow the offer terms and conditions you might not win the dispute if you call for it. Never make payment unless you have followed all terms and conditions listed on the product and of the seller. If you make payment without following the terms and conditions H.A.N.G cannot refund you.
    Step 3. Complete Payment

    • • Make payment of product value through the payment processor provided you by the escrow with addition of ₦200 as escrow charge
    • • Submit payment according to the terms and conditions of the product.
    • • Once you complete the payment, Click Confirm Payment
    • • At this time the seller will validate the payment through the notification he/she received from us (H.A.N.G.) as the second and final payment confirmation of the buyer, then release the products/items to you through the means the both of you negotiated on how to receive the product, completing the trade.
    • • If the product does not get to you at the exact day as promised by the seller, report the issue on the trade page. A moderator will settle the dispute.
    • • Do not cancel the trade if you have submitted the payment and confirmed the payment.
    Step 4. Received Product
    • • Don’t keep the seller money on hold with the escrow service, immediately product is received with grateful heart, login to your account and click pay the seller and drop good recommendation to for seller.
    • • Peradventure there is an issue of not receiving the product in the expected time said, do well to use the dispute button


    Step 1. Go to market and Create an offer to sell

    • • Wait for approval of your ads by our moderating team.
    • • All taxes and processing fee to be paid are your responsibility.
    • • H.A.N.G. charges vendors processing fee for all escrow based trades.
    Step 2. Accept Payment Notification
    • • When a H.A.N.G. user selects your offer (product).
    • • Once payment is made to the escrow service and you have received a payment notification from H.A.N.G., you are to release the product/item to the buyer.
    Step 3. Receive Payment
    • • Immediately information get to the escrow by the buyer for the confirmation of the product/item, the money for the item is released.
    • • Peradventure the buyer refuses to confirm the product on the system after receiving the product, do well to use the dispute button.

  • REGISTRATION POINT VALUE is equivalent to 1PV which comes from every new member joining your network either through your link. For every new registration the account holder is entitle to this PV, as well as the sponsor to the 4th generation sponsor
  • BUYERS POINT VALUE varies across product prices range and the point value (PV) on every successful purchase accrues the buyer, as well as the sponsor of the buyer to the 4th generation sponsor the allotted PVs.
  • SELLERS POINT VALUE vvaries across product price range and the PV on every successful transaction accrues sellers, as well as the sponsor to the 4th generation sponsor of the seller the allotted PVs.

  • RECRUITER BONUS, this is an additional bonus for recruiting 5 new members with your personal link within a week. For meeting the target of 5 new members in a week accrues you addition ₦500 in your wallet
  • SHOPPING VOUCHER BONUS, for every fund in the shopping voucher, you stand the chance of receiving 1% weekly of whatever amount on your shopping voucher/wallet as weekly bonus.
  • RANK BONUS: By reentry into the system again and again you are rank to earn monthly bonus between 2% - 10% of ₦5000 for life.
  • CROWD BONUS, this is done quarterly by the system. All the existing members to receive 1% of the total number of existing members at the end of every third month (March, June, September and December)
  • TELECOM BONUS: This is the bonus share on every airtime and data purchased on the system, which 2% of every personal purchase on airtime and data and 1% on airtime and data purchase buy the team members (downlines) in level 1 to 4.
  • CABLE SUBSCRIPTION BONUS, on every successful personal purchase and team purchase of cable subscription such as GoTV, DSTV, Startime, PHCN Prepaid received ₦20:00 per transaction.
  • INCENTIVE PACKAGE, These are gifts given to member for accumulating and generating PVs on this system. And they are as follows:
      ☑ Accumulate 1500PV and get a smartphone equivalent to ₦50,000
      ☑ Accumulate 6000PV and get a laptop worth of ₦150,000
      ☑ Accumulate 25,000PV and get a motorcycle (or gadget of your choice) worth ₦700,000
      ☑ Accumulate 125,000PV and get a SUV (or car of your choice) worth ₦2.5 million

  • As A BUYER (free Registration) on the system, you loss PV (buyer bonus) to the system if not upgrade to e-commerce package.
  • As AN E-COMMERCE (Registration with ₦1,000/$3.5 processing fee) member, you losses your referral bonus of ₦400/$1.4 and reentry bonus to the system, if you are not activated or part of the crowd funding platform.
  • For all activation fee paid, KYC (Know Your Customers) will be done for all member on EARNER CLUB package in order to cub online scammer on the system. That is to make the community free from online scammers. Those that get pleasure in making other cry.


    A. Crowdfunding Donation

    This crowd funding platform is a decentralizing the payment system, decentralizing in the sense that payment is paid from members to members with and without the interference of the company account as a centralized account to receive donation. We are building one structure one empire, so this is a team work crowdfunding system.

    After payment of ₦2000/$7 through the system payment gateway for PROCESSING FEE. To be part of this crowd funding system, you need to activate this crowdfunding platform with ₦4000/$14 which you will see a member account payment details to receive the fund you are to pay into and if the receiver sees the cash then your account will be activated by such individual.

    Stage One

    3 down lines will be given to you by the system (NO PERSONAL WORK, THE SYSTEM IS DESIGN ON FIRST IN FIRST OUT BASES), you earn 4,000 × 3 = ₦12,000/$42 (paid directly to either of your account details). You keep ₦2,000/$7 as profit and ₦10,000/$35 to upgrade u to stage 2 (final stage) and you earn 3PV at this stage.

    Stage Two

    9 down lines will be placed under you by the system to pay you ₦10,000/$35 each at this stage which makes up ₦90,000/$315, but you will only be permitted to receive bit by bit in phases:
    PHASE 1: 2 person pay you ₦10,000/$35 each making ₦20,000/$70 you are to REINVEST 2 ACCOUNTS immediately within 24 hours time counter which will cost ₦12,000/$42 out of the ₦20,000/$70 received, at successfully activation of this, you will receive the last payment of ₦10,000/$35 for this phase” YOU PROFIT ₦18,000/$63
    PHASE 2: Another 2 person pay you ₦10,000/$35 each making ₦20,000/$70 you are mandated within 24 hours time counter to FUND YOUR SHOPPING WALLET/VOUCHER which will cost ₦15,000/$52.5 out of the ₦20,000/$70 received, at successfully funding of this wallet, you will receive the last payment of ₦10,000/$35 for this phase” YOU PROFIT ₦15,000/$52.5
    PHASE 3: this is the last phase, where 3 person pay you ₦10,000/$35 each which sum up to ₦30,000/$105, you will be mandated by the system to RE-ENTER into the system within 24 hours time with ₦10,000/$35 in order to repeat the stages from the beginning again YOU PROFIT ₦20,000/$70. At this final stage you will be having additional 9PVs

    Total profit for the crowd funding with just one time registration fee of ₦4000/$14 is
    Stage 1 ….₦2,000/$7
    Stage 2….. ₦18,000/$63 + ₦15,000/$52.5 + ₦20,000/$70 = ₦53,000/$185.5
    Total profit is ₦55,000/$192.5 turns over

    Additional Benefit not captured above

    1. With your shopping wallet, you stand the chance of receiving 1% weekly of whatever amount on your shopping wallet as weekly bonus.
    2. By reentry into the system again and again you are rank to earn monthly bonus between 2% - 10% of ₦5000/$17.5 for life.
    Total down line needed for 1 account to cycle out and earn all the above Benefit is 39 down lines and you can earn this over and over, again and again as long as the system reenter u.


    B. Forex Class, Signal Forum and Expert Advisor

    Forex trading involves the trading of currencies against each other, in pairs in order to make profit. You can go to Google to get more information on this or visit this link https://punchng.com/forex-trading-what-nigerian-investors-must-know. This system afford you of opportunity to learn the skill involve and generate extra incomes for yourself with ease. Member interested in this can subscribe for any of the package.

    • • Monthly subscription ($20), members that opt for this are entitle to minimum of 5 trade signal in a day which will accrue them minimum of $5 per day. Also, they are entitled to receive signal through sms on their phone daily. In addition to this service, they are eligible to attend weekend class on our Forex forum. Immediately this subscription finishes the system automatically deactivate the member from this service.
    • • Half a year subscription ($110), same service render to monthly subscribers is applicable to this package with same terms of service. The only different is the discount of $10.
    • • 1 year subscription ($200), same service render to monthly subscribers is applicable to this package with same terms of service. The only different is the discount of $20.
    • • Purchase of Expert Advisor (EA), an expert advisor is an automated trading program written to place, modify and close orders (trades) according to a trading system algorithm. This service cost a onetime payment $250 and attracts 3 month free subscription as bonus. With just $50 equity, you stand the chance of making 150% profit monthly with the EA depending on the market and risk management. (We advise you fund your forex account with minimum of $200)

    C. Project 2025

    Project 2025 is our proposed Agro Estate project. We are targeting 100 acres of land for this project, 40 acres for varieties of cash crops, 40 acres livestock and 20 acres for factory and warehouses. Any member can subscribe for this with ₦500 monthly contribution (it is not necessary every month, but the system keeps account of every month paid for and the accumulation). So at the initiation of this project and returns on investment will be shared among members that donate into this project.