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Home Of Abundance Network Group is a unique program that constitute a collective idea of men and women of Integrity and vast experience in both online and offline businesses. This is a project of Seven (7) able, committed and passionate men and women of great leadership insight and great foresights. They are Messrs Olakunle Ogunsakin, Abdullahi Afeez, Opadijo Muyiwa, Uchenna Enemuoh, Ojo Oluwatoyin and Ajongakeoh David (Cameroon) with the team led By Mr Bamidele Toyin(Tygold).

Home Of Abundance Network Group is a dream come true for us. We have long been searching for a platform that we believe it will help everyone to be financially free without any occurrence of losses. Having previously experienced different setbacks from several online platforms whose programs seem perfect at their beginning but with sad and unpleasant stories along the line. We sat down,and with passion, experience and a well calculated plan, we have created what many people just like us were looking for. The Management of Home Of Abundance Network Group warmly welcomes you to take your rightful position in the system and stop looking for the next shining thing on the horizon. You don't need to go elsewhere anymore. This is the program you have been craving for.

Home Of Abundance Network Group is here fully loaded with opportunities to change lives, it is here to change your future and the future of countless others. We are not here to compete with any existing platform. We are here just for you and to change the fabric of what is possible and make a remarkable difference.

Our Core Values


About the Program

Home Of Abundance Network Group is an online marketing and financial platform that gives holistic approach to empowering people financially and raising new breeds of entrepreneurs with an insure and secure future. Her unique compensation plan will uplift people, taking her participants from where they are to where they deserve to be. Home Of Abundance Network Group is dedicated at providing men and women of various backgrounds the opportunity to survive and become financially free especially in these difficult times. Our idea is to eradicate poverty in the whole of Africa starting from Nigeria and Cameroon, and to accelerate the growth and progress in finance and entrepreneurship sectors and community development.

Home of Abundance Network Group, under the wisdom of God comes up with a unique concept by bringing in various trending and selling point of the 21st century business into one single system in order to afford everyone with multiple streams of income. This concept ranges from E-COMMERCE (Buy and Earn, Sell and Earn), TELECOMMUNICATION PRODUCTS (such as Airtime, data subscription etc), NETWORKING with easiness to grow on the matrix fast without disturbing yourself about downlines because the system will do the placement for you, DAILY FOREX SIGNAL.

On our E-COMMERCE, as a buyer you earn in POINT VALUES from you to your sponsors on the system, also as a seller, after successful transaction with your client/customer and make your desire profit, you still earn in POINT VALUES from you up to your sponsors. Our E-COMMERCE system provides you with an opportunity to show your product and services to the whole world for patronage with an easy SCAM FREE SYSTEM. We operate an ESCROW SERVICE between the buyer and the seller in other for swift and safety of cash (money) and life of the two parties involves in the transaction.

By purchasing TELECOMMUNICATION PRODUCT on our system you earn 2% on every personal sale made from your account as bonus and 1% from every sale from any of your downlines of team members. CABLE SUBSCRIPTION accrue you ₦20 on both transaction done by you or your downlines/team members.

The easiness of our NETWORKING platform makes us unique and different in this line of business industry. This system is a crowdfunding donation platform where members are paid donation benefit through the stages on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE SYSTEM to ensure that every members receives benefits in a systematic order of progress. No one is left out.

H.A.N.G. Teams tend to have

An Open Mind

We believe that change and new ideas are exciting, not threatening.

A Proactive Attitude

We’re willing and ready to roll up our sleeves and take responsibility.


As colleagues, we take care of each other and our work.


We figure out solutions on our own and take charge of carrying them out.

An Adaptive Mindset:

We shift our processes, perspectives, and working styles along with the environment.


We feel driven by being part of the mission. Sound like a fit?